Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Have you got the monkeys?

Have you got the monkeys? When I’m with my friends, they always gather together. That is usually when I see them do their contortionist act in bizarre little outfits. Admission is free and they are always entertaining. When I’m with my family they are a little more polite and very pack/herd oriented. They are quite willing to comb my hair with a bamboo shoot. Now that I’m older, that process rarely leads to a funny bowl haircut, but I still love hot campus teens. When I’m on my own, tracking down those monkeys is a little more difficult but I’m still up for the adventure.

I love to laugh. The people in my life make it happen with ease. They are the home I carry in my heart. My moments are memorable and full. I value a good sense of humour, openness, and affection. I am hoping to discover a nice addition to the balance.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm an easy-going, blue-eyed brunette; warm and caring; honest and direct. I enjoy both cultural and sporting events as well as keeping up with current events. In the summer, I like to play tennis, rollerblade, cultivate my garden, read on the deck and attend Stampeder football games!
Winter will find me at the movies, the ice rink, playing cards, cross country skiing or just lazing by the fire. I'm also an animal lover, who enjoys nature and daily walks with my dog. I am looking for a man who is of strong character and honest; knowledgeable and social. He will share some of my interests and be eager to introduce me to some of his! He will share my love of animals and nature and be able to laugh at himself. He will take pride in his appearance and be just as comfortable in his dress clothes as he is in those old, worn blue jeans.